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The most popular trend is vinyl plank flooring that comes in planks just like real wood

Our goal is to provide you with quality vinyl products that will beautify your home, meet your specific performance and budget needs, be easy to care for, and stand the test time.

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Vinyl Flooring from Flooring America

Flooring America makes it our specialty to offer you endless choices in flooring options. If you want beautiful flooring in a wide selection of colors and styles that stands up to real-world wear and tear, choose vinyl flooring.

Shop three ways: Come into our store to see and feel the vinyl tile, planks and sheet. Use the convenience of your computer to shop online. Or, give us a call and we bring the vinyl flooring to you!

Benefit from the professionalism of our staff - from our designers to flooring specialists to installers. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable. We are here to help you find exactly what you want!

Today's Flooring America Flooring Vinyl

Our manufacturers have found many, many ways to improve vinyl so this flooring is better than ever. The latest technology strengthens the flooring so that it stands up to heavy traffic and resists scratches; and embossing allows for a variety of patterns and styles.

Embossing allows us to make vinyl that resembles stone, ceramic and wood that looks like the real thing, but without the expensive price tag. In addition, you can use vinyl in any room of your home from the basement or TV room, to the bathroom and the kitchen, as vinyl withstands water.

Then, too, the new vinyl is a cleaning person's dream, even if that "person" is you! Just sweep and mop for gleaming floors.

Vinyl Trends from Flooring America

The most popular trend is vinyl plank flooring that comes in planks just like real wood and even has the grain, knots and texture of trees. Of course, luxury vinyl tile that looks like stone and ceramic is in great demand, too.

Another fashionable selection is fiberglass-backed floating sheet vinyl. Today's vinyl provides a cushiony feeling underfoot that is especially pronounced with sheet vinyl. Your feet will thank you for it!

Vinyl Floor Installation from Flooring America

Pick out your flooring vinyl, and expect our expert installers to be at your home ASAP. We know that preparation is essential to long-lasting installation, so we take our time to do it right. That way, you can enjoy your handsome vinyl floors for many years.

Flooring America Guarantee

It is our practice to provide you with some of the best vinyl flooring in America - in selection, price and quality - with the outcome that you are 100% satisfied with our product and services. We make good on our promises that your floors last for years with our high-tech products and expert installation.

With hundreds of locations from which to choose, we have any style, design and color of vinyl flooring you want. Contact your nearest Flooring America store or go online today for vinyl flooring that brings all the elements of your décor together for less than you would pay anywhere else!